Hello world – my first blogging ever!

Hi All out there!

Well, here we go, I thought I would never begin to blog, but here we go. I have so many things to say and discuss and now it is time to get started with this!

I will primarily focus on writing about my passions here on this blog… Obviously the people that know me will not be surprised that this will be about entrepreneurship! It is strange how it is impossible for me not to be excited about new ideas and bringing them into business opportunities. There are SOOOOO many things that has to be rightly timed in order to really make it, both in your personal life and in business and in the market that you operate. I will try to write some posts about the legal structures in a small country environment like Denmark and where we have all the problems. It is insane how much money our government spends on the wrong things. Very few people I have met around the World truly understands entrepreneurship! It really have to be felt in your body in order to execute with the passion that is needed.

Anyway, this is my first post, so I should not get too passionate yet!

OK, hope you are all fine out there and I really hope that the inspiring entrepreneurs of the World that can feel something strange in their stomach and can simple not hold themselves back will get some energy and belief! I truly get energy from other entrepreneurs..

Hammer on and have a great weekend!


PS: I have no idea yet of all the stuff you can do in here, well, hope you can at least see my first blog soon….

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